"I Can Do a Back Float" will positively encourage and visually show your child the steps in learning to float on their back, which is an essential element to not only learning to swim but to staying SAFE in the water. 350 children under 5 will drown in a pool each year. Having the muscle memory and instinct to turn on the back is a lifesaving technique that will not only benefit your child while learning to swim, but can save their life if they fall into water. Teaching your child to float on their back is one of the smartest things you can do to ensure their water safety. Based on the highly accredited Jim Swain method, "I Can Do a Back Float" will show your child the steps in learning to float on their back. It is written in a simple, repetitive form that will get your kids involved in the learning process and the hand drawn illustrations will delight them as they 'dive' in to use this wonderful picture book [and song] as a helpful aid while attending swim lessons so that they can successfully learn to float on their back. 

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Upcoming Events:
Book Release Party - Spring 2018

About the Book

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