The Jim Swain Method

"After 31 years of providing water safety and swim instruction to all ages, it's time for me to share my knowledge.." - Jim Swain  ('SWIM JIM')ITLE

​About Jim Swain

James Swain is a renowned swim and water safety instructor, who, for over 30 years has owned and managed his private swim school in Flemington, New Jersey.  Clients have brought their children and grandchildren from as far as California and Florida to learn his methods of swimming and water safety.  His program is based on one-to-one instruction with the back float as its foundation.

Having retired from his swim school, he gives back to the community by consulting with those wishing to improve their water safety skills.

We hope you enjoy our book and some basics of the back float.

Swain’s Private Swim Instruction provided a water safety and swim instructional program for thirty-one years. The first skill we taught all children, and/or any non-swimmer, was the back float. As the owner/instructor, teaching the back float required age appropriate communication skills between the child and the instructor. All skills were taught one on one (individually) with total focus on the student at all times.


Following the back float skill we taught many other water safety skills to teach children the know-how to get to their back float in most situations of danger.  Following this book, we intend to provide a look at some of these learned skills.  We want our readers to enjoy the story, but, to also realize it takes qualified, or certified persons to teach our skills.

What makes the Jim Swain Method so special? 

Swain's method of learning the back float has been perfected over the years. What he found worked best for his young swimmer students that differed from other methods of learning the back float is the bent knees and the hands behind the head. Jim found that using this technique helps to keep the belly up and relaxed and therefore allowing the water and the buoyancy of the body to float successfully. 

"My 2 year old son had 5 lessons with Jim and he had him floating on his back. To this day, if he ever gets stuck in the water, his muscle memory kicks in and he turns to his back so he can breathe." 

                                                                                                       - Former parent of a student

"There is a reason Swain's program was rated #1 amongst parents for so many years."

                                                                                                        - Parent of Liam, former student

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